Calculation methods

- Besides the eight different calculation methods available in ELPLA to analyze foundations, a new method "Flexible foundation (method 9)" is added. This method can be used for settlement calculations of flexible foundations such as embankments, dams or direct loads on the ground.
- System of flexible, elastic and rigid foundations can be analyzed together.
- The influence of flexible neighbor foundations or external loads of different arts on the examined foundation can be determined . Until now, it was possible to determine only the influence of elastic or rigid neighbor foundations .
- Transitional or rotational spring stiffness can be introduced on nodes for the rigid slab (method      8). Until now, it was available only for methods 1 to 7. The springs can be used for the analysis    of   the rigid pile caps .
- Negative contact pressure can be eliminated for methods 1 to 8, if it appears on the bottom of the foundation. Until now, elimination of negative contact pressures was available for methods 4, 6 and 8 (Figure B-51).


Figure B-51 Elimination of negative contact pressure

12 Enhancements in ELPLA 8.0