ELPLA Quick Tour

When you starting ELPLA for the first time, the “ELPLA Quick Tour” program (‎Figure B-2) appears. The tour program gives a quick access to the main contents of the ELPLA package as shown in ‎Table B-1:

‎Table B-1  ELPLA Quick Tour Contents

Contents   Description
Tutorial - Taking the user step by step through some simple examples.
  - These examples will help the user to become familiar with the most important functions of ELPLA.
Verification Examples - Verify the mathematical models used in program ELPLA by comparing ELPLA results with closed form or another published results.
  - Illustrate how to use ELPLA for analyzing foundation by different subsoil models.
User's Guide - Display the complete User’s Guide in a PDF-Format.
Start ELPLA - Start ELPLA to create a new project

In the "Show this screen each time ELPLA starts" check box, you can choose whether you need to start the Quick Tour program each time when ELPLA starting or not. Also, you can start the “ELPLA Quick Tour” program any time by clicking on the program icon in the Windows Start-Menu> GEOTEC Office> Welcome to ELPLA.


Figure B-2  "ELPLA Quick Tour" Program